For those of you looking for a West Palm Beach Jeep Dealer then Napleton Northlake Chysler Jeep Dodge is the place to go. Check out their website at http://www.northlakecjd.com/ and search their inventory which consists of new, pre-owned or certified vehicles. Search by year, make and price to find exactly what you want. They have lots of used Cars in West Palm Beach, at the time of this writing there are about 7 used Jeeps with years ranging from 2000 all the way to 2011! I thing Jeeps make for a great vehicle depending on what you will use it for.

There are currently 6 jeeps in the line up. Two are crossovers that are not technically Jeeps but re branded Mitsubishi's (compass and patriot). They get great gas mileage (up wards of 30mpg highway). However they do poorly off-road since they are actually cars that resemble an SUVs, conversely they are excellent on road. Those two are the only ones that come with a 4 cylinder engines and before that only the wrangler, liberty and Cherokee had them and they weren't that much better than the six cylinder when it comes to gas mileage (low 20's) added to that they were extremely underpowered.

Jeeps or any real off-road vehicle are not good with gas mileage and you should not expect it to be otherwise since off-road ability and gas mileage are exclusive to one another. But if you are headed up to the mountains and expect to encounter so dirt roads and unpaved pathways, then you can definitely depend on the Jeep! Oh, and be sure to visit the West Palm Beach Car Blog for more information and updates on the latest deals at Napleton Northlake Chysler Jeep Dodge.
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  1. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for this post. I move around a lot for work and am currently looking for Jeep Dealers in McAllen TX. If I ever get the chance to move to West Palm Beach, I will be sure to check you out!

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