Our Manila trip was well planned most especially the baggage that we intend to bring. Knowing that we'll be bringing so much "pasalubong" for most people we had to be more systematic and efficient with our packing. There's no way we'll take the risk of paying excess baggage weight because that's way too expensive. Our solution was to make 2 boxes ready for shipping and sent it a month ahead before we left for Philippines. There's no specific weight limit and we're able to put everything we wanted without any worries of getting checked by customs. The boxes arrived before baby's birthday celebration and that's how we managed to give out our gifts to our friends and godchildren there.

It was a big relief when we received our boxes in Manila before we even get to see our friends. If the boxes didn't arrive on our calculated time, we'll end up having to reschedule meet-ups with everybody. Given our very tight vacation time we couldn't really afford to have several meet-ups with our friends as much as we want to. I unpacked the boxes right away after having it delivered and started distributing things around. It's so good to know that we had things running on schedule and no further delays. Elisse was so happy to receive her toys and other gifts. The boxes didn't remain empty for a long time because we made sure to use it for our baggage on our way back. Baby's gifts practically took over those boxes, he received a lot!

Bringing in our stuffs from here to Philippines didn't give us any problem at all but how about doing it the other way around? Hubs and I already thought of it beforehand, we checked out for International Movers and International Shipping companies which can handle our concern, one of which was International Sea & Air Shipping. It specializes in overseas moving through sea and air shipping. This international moving company offers door to door services with full documentation, custom assistance, insurance, shipping, storage and inland transport. We had to plan a back up system for our baggage back home in case we'll have more things to bring back here. Though we didn't find the need to use this service anymore because I was able to cut down our boxes and fit everything including baby's gifts for our allotted airline baggage.

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