I think it's time for me to continue posting about or previous Manila trip and I'll start it off with the main reason why we set the trip on that specific month. Since I haven't seen (personally) my family for 2yrs and they never had the chance to attend important events of my life here we decided to celebrate baby's first birthday back home. Mom and dad were really happy and excited that they had everything set for us already like the reservation, loot bags and goodies, invitations, etc. They actually shouldered the expenses for the party as their gift to their 1st grandson.

Baby J's birthday party was moved a week after his actual birthday, we celebrated his 1st birthday on our flight across the Pacific. I was checking at the time while in the plane to make sure we wouldn't miss to greet our precious little boy. What's funny is that we actually missed February 1st because we left US on January 31 at night time and by the time we landed in the Manila it's already February 2 at 3am. It's definitely a birthday experience to tell him when he grows up.

I'm so thankful for all the efforts my family gave to make baby's birthday celebration happen. Little sis gave the cake, Big bro made extra goodies and loot bags, mom reserved the venue and the photo-video coverage and dad had the custom made tarps with baby's photos printed. Me and hubs didn't really hav to do much anymore for the preparations because they all got it handled except the tarp layout. My sister worked on the initial tarps layouts then I had to edit and finish off the design.

There were so many people who attended the party, mostly our neighbors and a few of relatives and close friends. We're so thankful to see most of our friends even though we didn't really get the chance to sit down and chat with them much during the party. We had to carry baby around and entertain all other guests and make sure to keep baby's mood good. There was a magic show and games, we missed to see those events because baby will be fussy with the crowd. The least that we want was a crying birthday boy. Amazingly baby was all good the whole event and didn't get scared of the clown either.

It was a very happy event, no fussing for baby but mommy got a bit cranky due to some service issues. We took advantage of our friends being there and gave them the same time our souvenirs and also for our godchildren. Might as well since we're not sure if we'll have another chance of meeting up with them. Baby got so many gifts which filled up 2 balikbayan (cargo) boxes.
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3 Responses
  1. betchai Says:

    baby J is so cute Ayie, glad you had wonderful birthday celebration for him.

  2. lina Says:

    Wow! Such grand celebration. But it's all fun, esp for the kids, right Ayie. :)

  3. Mariuca Says:

    Happy Birthday Baby J, wah so handsome! :)

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