A s'more (smore) which literally means "some more", is a traditional campfire treatpopular in US and Canada. It may just be a simple combination of roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, preparing this treat is the fun part aside from o course eating it. Although smores are mostly done outdoors during campfires it is not impossible to do indoor smores. There are s'mores kits readily available in the groceries some with burners or you can simply make use of your stove, oven or microwave to prepare this sweet treat.

The fun of toasting the marshmallow on a skewer over a fire and putting together the chocolate and grahams is what kids enjoy the most, actually so as the big guys. Having to wait for a camp night is not the only time to enjoy smores anybody can have the perfect smore at the comfort of their home. Homes with wall mounted fireplace can be the best mallows roasting place most especially on a cold winter night. Better if it is one of those outdoor modern fireplaces where you can enjoy the night out there in the patio or in the garden just like a typical campfire night. Just be creative and there's no way you can't have the perfect smores night inside or outside your very own home.

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