Throwing junks here is quite a problem for us because you cannot throw everything in the dump. Our apartment management doesn't have scheduled junk hauling therefore whatever was thrown by people here remains there in the trash area all piled up. Not to worry much about our regular trashes and recyclables because it's routinely collected, that's more important so we don't keep rubbish here in the complex.

Taking advantage of the Neighborhood Appreciation Day event courtesy of Bethel Church this coming August 13 @ 10:00am-12:00nn is a great way to get rid of the junks that we can't throw in the dump. Yearly the Bethel Church offer such service to gather junks for dumping, for free. One of their good Samaritan deeds for the community!

We will definitely take our electronic junks there so it can be thrown properly and not just being stacked here in the complex. Getting your junks here will cost you money that's why I am sharing this to all my readers within our area to take advantage of this free service. It's not all about junk for this event, there are free hotdogs and car wash too. Don't forget to bring the postcard from Bethel Church in order to be eligible for this free service.

Here are the List of items they will NOT accept: large appliances, tires, water heaters, concrete, furniture, hazardous waste (paint, oil, etc.), fluorescent light bulbs and mattresses

Speaking of junks, Bethel Church clearly specified the items they will accept for dumping so don't even try bringing in those. Most items like appliances are usually donated to thrift stores, a good way of getting rid of your appliances and a means of helping out some people who can't afford to buy those. If the items are good enough to still be used then it's worth giving away but if it's not better have it collected by an appliance removal company.

For those who are in need of full-service junk removal company simply call 1-800-GOT-JUNK. They offer junk removal for a fair price may it be an old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires and other wastes that you want to get rid of. Their company ensures that your junks get recycled, donated or disposed properly. There are special days when they service specific areas or sites in which you can take advantage of some discount so better keep an eye on that too. The best thing for Got Junk is that there's no sorting needed, they will take all that can fit in their truck without you having to do the job. A great way to remove a mess without getting yourself messy. To know more about their services you may check Appliance Removal Chicago.

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2 Responses
  1. wenn Says:

    that's interesting..

  2. ladyviral Says:

    To be honest, there is no place in anywhere for junk to be thrown.... except junkyards i guess haha.

    But even where I am, there is really no place that we can throw the junk to. Malaysia and Singapore same. So what do we do? Let the garbage truck deal with it :3

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