Tonight I finally get the chance to resume with my vacation post during our Manila trip. Baby got so tired from our day out that he actually slept early tonight. It was quite a fight because he's trying to hold his eyes from closing and break free but mommy had to be strict this time and put him to sleep. Apparently it's a success!

Nothing really much happened during our first night in Bora, we got to the island at about 8pm I believe and looked for a place to crash in for 3days. After finding a place and settling in our things we head out for dinner. Baby was still so awake and very curious with the new surrounding. It was a very humid night, no wind and the sky is just pitch black. It would have been nicer if the sky is twinkling with stars but it seemed like we'd have to use refractor telescopes just to see the tiniest star way up up there. Who wouldn't want to just lay down on the sand and stargaze? Perhaps next time around we should bring a telescope when we go to a similar outing, baby will be bigger by then and he'll surely enjoy seeing a twinkling star.

After our delicious dinner by the beach our little boy didn't even bother finishing his food and forcefully hopped out of his chair. He could barely walk that time but eventhough he rushed his way to the shore and started dipping his tiny feet in the water. That was such a sight seeing his wide wide smile, his chuckles and cute giggles whenever the water goes splashing around. We might not have the luck for a starry night but that was all forgotten when we saw the glistening crystal clear waters. Why wish for stars when something nearer which you can actually touch and feel and no telescopes needed to see its twinkle?

A little splish and splash completed our night at the beach. Dad, bes, hubs, me and baby enjoyed a nice walk back to our hotel and called it a night. Baby didn't have fever anymore and it was such a relief for us knowing that he's okay and he can enjoy swimming later on.

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3 Responses
  1. ladyviral Says:

    firstly, I totally apologize for not emailing you... :3. I so will soon!

    secondly, your son is getting cuter by the day oh my! Too cute... you know I feel like pinching him :p.

  2. Ayie Says:


    still up at this time there? thanks for visiting me here... mommy ayie so busy these days.

    No worries with your email...I will wait patiently okay?

    Oh yeah he's getting cuter and more active! Mommy has to run around chasing him non-stop now. I'm loving it though. Right now he's eating his breakfast and in a while we'll be out and about again.

  3. It's been a while not seeing you around Ayie.

    You are probably going to lose weight chasing your active baby around. lol

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