It is rather shocking to see people being trampled over when there are certain events and a commotion happens.  Many people end up getting hurt and some cases even lead to death.  Imagine you going to a concert and then uncontrolled crowd gets out of control creating panic to all.  People usually get into a heightened level of fear giving them poor judgement on their actions.  Sad to say there were many cases of this kind of event in which people get injured or gravely hurt due to insufficient crowd control system.

To prevent outbreak of disorder it can start with simpler options like using stanchions and barricades.  Places like cinema. orchestra and other more formal setting can have a hand with the use of velvet rope.  These crowd control barriers even as simple as signages and decals painted on ground can further direct crowd to a certain direction.  These can promote more orderly movement which can avoid confusion to all.

Making sure everything is in proper order can make a big difference in every event with high crowd volume.  The system can also work more efficiently when things are moving on the right phase.  
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  1. ladyviral Says:

    sometimes this kind of barriers doesn't stop the crowd either. they will just drop the barrier and trample over it haha!

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  3. bandages Says:

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