Smoking is dangerous to our health and even if you are not a smoker, being exposed to second hand smoke is twice harmful than the other.  Though everybody knows about this fact not all can find themselves quitting from smoking.  It has become quite an addiction on their part in which flushing it out from their system seems to be such a hard task.   

There are therapies and certain medications which aid to suppress smoking and one of the most revolutionary solution to at least lessen the harm of smoking is with the use of e cigarette.  An electronic cigarette is safer than tobacco or the traditional cigar, it is also a healthier option over the real cigars.  This electronic device simulates real cigarette in terms of physical appearance, flavor, nicotine content but less the harmful chemicals, smoke and odor.  The electric cigarette doesn't claim to be completely safe as compared to the real cigar due to its minimal contents which give the same sensation as real cigars.

Don't you just hate it when some people flick over their cigarette butts everywhere as if the whole place is their trash can?  This problem is also eliminated by using the e cigar having no cigarette butts to throw after use.  Even if this kind of cigarette won't pose much health detriments to users, caution must be observed exposing it to youngsters.  This cigar is originally intended to help smokers quit and not to promote pleasure smoking for those who don't.
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  1. Sam Smith Says:

    I just switched over to smoking electronic cigarettes and it was the best decision i ever made!

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