As we all know our precious water supply is depleting more and more every year.  Some places are drought stricken and their water supply simply dried out.  Water plays an important role in everybody's life because we need it for our survival.  It is our duty to protect and conserve our natural water resources.  Little things can be done in order to conserve water, such small measures can help save us too from paying high water bills.

It all starts at home, since water is highly consumed in households it is best to practice water conservation at home.  Here are some simple pointers which any of us can apply for a more efficient water consumption:
  • Checking the faucets and other water fixtures for leaks and having it fixed right away can save wastage 
  • Use washers with full load than small increment loads
  • Use basin when washing dishes as compared to letting the water run even not in use
  • Use a cup or glass when brushing teeth instead of leaving the water running the whole time
  • Use water saving shower and sprinkler systems
  • Recycle, rain harvesting is very ideal during the rainy season.  Collect rainwater and store in rain water barrels, the water can be later on used to water the garden rather than using fresh potable water.
  • Don't let kids play with water leaving the taps flowing.
Rain barrels are great storage for outdoor water consumption.  There are many styles to choose from with different finishes, materials and sizes.  The rain barrel is designed to efficiently gather rainwater direct from the downspout, guaranteed to collect as much water direct from the source. You may also use any regular container for such purpose, though special rain barrels for sale are better fit to the downspout system.  It's a little investment for bigger future savings.
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3 Responses
  1. ladyviral Says:

    old habits are hard to change...

    i don't mean of course. but i am guilty of letting the water run while washing dishes haha.

  2. JIF Hub Says:

    I agree, old habits really are hard to change. I let the water run while doing dishes, brushing my teeth and when wash the car... it is bad. If there is a way to help change these habits, I am all ears for it.

  3. Unknown Says:

    yes i am agree with your statement water is very important thing in this world without water no one can leave so always try to save water. we have also plan to use Slim Water Tanks to save water.

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