We haven't chatted with mom and dad lately, they are always busy going to places. Most Sundays they go to the farm and just recently they went to Bicol for a little vacation. They celebrated Elisse's birthday there and how we wish we could've joined them. It's been 4mos since they stayed with us here, time flies by so fast. I can't wait for their next visit here so they can see how much our little boy's growing.

Mom and dad said they are likely to come back here in 2yrs time again or if things push through with the Australia reunion they plan to attend to, they will try to see if there are cheap flights connecting here. Hopefully there will be discounted international airfares because if they will be lucky enough to get such deals mom said they will definitely swing by even just for a week's worth of stay. A week is pretty short but better than not seeing each other for the next 2 years.

I tried calling them today but no luck, they're collecting some harvest from the farm. I wanted to inform them supposedly of the on-going discount deals and sale prices from Travel.com.au for Australia, USA, Asia and Europe trips. International flights are getting more affordable in some airlines Just taking my luck if mom's up to it because that could mean one thing for sure, we'll get to see them again here!!!

I may be having so much wishful thinking right now but who knows? Right? By miracle of some sort they can come here even for a very short time to make the most of their flights. I will always be waiting for their return here no matter what.  We don't have the luxury of flying back home whenever we want to so the best thing for us to do is to wait for them to come to us here.

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  1. lina Says:

    It'll be great if you can see them soon. :)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    Use video cam to chat. I am lucky that I can stay with my father.

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