Everyday is playday for me and baby, a visit to the park or playground is a must to keep our little boy fit and healthy. We always go to different parks and playgrounds so that baby won't get too used in a certain playground, this way he won't be over confident to the play area and will always be careful. It's also good because he gets excited when he sees a new play area. Our trips depend on his mood and lately it's harder to get out of our place in the morning. He will end up playing around first or doodling on his table and getting him to finish what he's doing takes so much effort.

Among all the playgrounds we frequent I love the one in Central Park. Usually when it's noontime already I try to avoid going out due to the burning sun but that playground has good shading which mostly covers parts of the play area. He can definitely play even on the hottest day without having to be so exposed to the sun's harmful rays. The playground is also complete with a sand and water area, swings and slides. The big area is covered by firm and cushy rubber mulch, soft enough for little tots' accidental falls when running around. I just love those places installed with Rubberecycle pads, it really feels safer for the kids. The place is about 15mins from home but it's worth the trip because I know baby enjoys it there plus I feel safe for him playing there.

Baby right now is extremely active and keeping him at home is not a good thing to do. Playing outside can give him much exercise and not to forget fresh air. Baby gets to interact and socialize with other children and best of all, we're having a great fun time playing and bonding together.

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3 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Happy fun time there. :)

    Always good to enjoy the outdoors.

  2. ladyviral Says:

    It is always healthier to go outdoors. I would love it too especially if it is always play time hehehe!

  3. Fun time with kiddies. Precious moment!

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