Acoustics is an important aspect in design most especially for institutions like schools, offices and medical facilities. Acoustics can play a big importance in every environment because it can be of detriment to one's safety if not given much thought and considerations.  Say for instance blind or visual impaired people, they strongly depend on sound for their navigation.  

Such environments with large area like classrooms, auditoriums, halls, gyms and cafeterias need careful acoustical planning and engineering.  If not given the proper treatment noise created in these areas can create too much reverberation thus creating elevated noise.  

Roemtech audio systems is a good example of acoustics which can actually be found in such areas.  Large areas need to have a good audio system, classroom amplification can be achieved with the proper classroom audio systems.  A classroom audio is essential to make a sound audible throughout the entire large space.  Same thing applies for conference audio systems, though proper noise treatment must be applied to these areas as well to have an efficient acoustic system. 

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