Hubs got sick before and his coughing took a while before it was totally gone.  It started with colds then flu, before we know it he's been being pestered by his cough to a point that he decided to go to the hospital to have it checked one early morning.  Though he's taken several medicines and natural remedies it wasn't sufficient to suppress the lingering cough.  He decided to go and have it checked right away when he woke up with a slight pain on his chest while coughing.  This alarmed him pretty much so off he went to the hospital.

Nothing serious at the moment but if not treated promptly, it could lead to bronchitis.  Of course he didn't want me and most especially baby to be affected so he had it treated in no time.  I'm happy that he finally went to the doctor, it's really hard to make him  go for his check-up.  He just had to take some antibiotics for several days and that was it.

This experience served as a learning process for him/us with regards to our insurance.  Though we have a medical insurance from his work surprisingly he had to pay quite some cash to cover the co-pay.  Honestly, it sucks!  Despite the fact that he has insurance in a good medical provider the insurance itself is a rip-off.  Yes it paid for certain bills but he didn't expect the cost for the co-pay that he had to handle.  Up to now it makes him think what the insurance is for if people have to pay so much for such emergency case.  

To end the story hubs had no choice but to pay off the bills sent to us.  I think his prescription medicines were covered by the insurance but for those who needs medication without prior coverage, I suggest you check out Medicare Consumer Guide.  It has great information about Medicare and other insurance programs, concerns regarding prescriptions are further discussed in "Medicare Part D".  Medications are quite costly so better knowledge on your prescription coverage can help lessen your load.  Hope this helps.

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5 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Oh dear, sorry to hear about the insurance coverage. Did he need to top-up a lot for the medical cost?

    Anyway, good to hear he's well now.

  2. betchai Says:

    oh, sorry to hear about your hubby being sick Ayie, hope he gets well soon. hope you and baby J are also doing well.

  3. ladyviral Says:

    i have been coughing too.. still am! haha!

    I think I should go to the hospital too. the GP's doesn't seem to be getting rid of it regardless of what sort of medications I take.

    maybe i will go to the outpatient there :).

  4. zakkalife Says:

    Sorry to hear your husband is sick, I hope you and the baby stay well.

    Curious, was that picture taken at the Oakland Zoo? It kind of looks like the otter exhibit.

  5. ayie Says:

    jessica (ZL),

    Thanks for dropping a comment, he's better now and me and baby are also good.

    That's the otter exhibit but in Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's nice to know they also have it in Oakland. We are planning to go there soon =)

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