Me and baby are always out and about and sometimes there are days when it's just so sunny and even if we put on sunblock there's no escaping from a little sunburn. Since I always wear my wedding ring I already have a ring mark on my finger, it's like wearing one without the actual ring. That simply means I've gotten that dark already!

I can't help but reminisce those times we're searching for the ring design and jeweler before the wedding. I went to different places to find the best deal and gladly we did. I am not too particular with diamonds, I'm good even if the stones are just regular stones if it saves us more. I value the ring itself and the meaning to it, I didn't believe it has to be so expensive to be that valuable. We were just after having it as white gold with few stones and that's pretty much it. At first we were eyeing on titanium rings or tungsten rings to make it a bit different but upon getting quotes we simply backed off. It's a price of 3 pair of rings with those metals, practicality was more of an option for us.

You know what makes our ring a lot more special? The jeweler actually named it after me since it's an original design just for us. How about you, going anywhere without your wedding band?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Suprised your quotes for tungsten rings were so high, we got ours at very affordable prices.

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